Øra Studio is located in the centre of Trondheim at Pir II, kai 9, in the new exciting part of the city, close to Pirbadet(water park) and Rockheim(museum).

The studio has a large recording room, as big as 90 square meters, 3 smaller rooms, and a control room with very good listening conditions. A designated lounge with a good view of the fjord, including a kitchen at disposal.

There is a broad selection of microphones, pre-amps, effects and other studio equipment. There is a very good Yamaha C7 that is being cared for and in tune at all times. In the control room there is a fantastic Neve VR 60 Legend analog mixer in top condition. Previously the mixer was used in the legendary Mayfair Studio in London. Parts of Radiohead’s “OK Computer” was among others to be mixed through our Neve.

To name a few artists and bands that have recorded and mixed their music in Øra: Dum Dum Boys, Come Shine, Herborg Kråkevik, 22, Anne-Lise Berntsen, Rasmus og verdens beste band, Gjermund Larsen, Kristin Asbjørnsen, Klaus Joakim Sonstad, Åge Aleksandersen, David Steen, Henning Kvitnes, Trondheim Voices, Kobert, Trondheimsolistene, Thorns, Poing og Monolithic.. 

In the studio you will meet producers and engineers with long, all-around experience, who have been the background men of several successful albums and Grammy winners. (Spellemann)


Greener Mastering

October 1st we open our new mastering studio: Greener Mastering


The studio unites the best of digital and analog audio.


Available for booking now. 



Stay tuned for updates.

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